Message from Chief Doughty


Hal Doughty


In 1891, the Town Council of Durango, Colorado authorized the purchase of the first fire engine to protect our community. This purchase was made in the wake of a significant fire, which damaged or destroyed multiple businesses within the town, and set in stone the foundation of our organization today.

Across the years, men and women in our community have chosen to serve their neighbors in their times of need, when the unthinkable happened, and when they found themselves beyond their ability to help themselves and their loved ones. The proud members of Durango Fire Rescue answer the call at all hours of the day or night with only one goal; to help those who cannot help themselves. They put their own priorities and needs aside, and many times their own safety in order to assure others may live.

This is the calling of our membership, and it is why I am so proud to have the honor of leading this great organization.

Today, Durango Fire Protection District is over 160 members strong. We protect an area of approximately 325 square miles through service from 16 fire Stations distributed throughout our district. Our members provide paramedic level transport EMS, structural and wildland firefighting, technical rescue, hazardous materials response, fire prevention and code enforcement services, and community education for our growing community.

Durango Fire Rescue is committed to serving our community at an exceptional level. Our customers deserve the best care, most immediate responses, and a level of service that exceeds their expectations when an emergency occurs. Our agency accomplishes this by recruiting and retaining the absolute best firefighters, medics, and support staff available, assuring that our members are equipped with the best equipment we have the ability to provide, and benefit from the most up to date, and industry leading training available.

Simply stated, our community deserves the absolute best that can be offered, and Durango Fire Protection District works tirelessly to provide the best level of service and community support possible every day.

Yours in Service,
Hal Doughty
Fire Chief
Durango Fire Protection District