Durango Fire Protection District (DFPD) is pleased to announce the arrival of the newest addition to the EMS fleet.  The purchase of this 2023 Type I 4×4 ambulance was made possible by the La Plata County Commissioners who selected our Interfacility Transport (IFT) program as an ideal recipient of funds from the American Recovery Plan Act. DFPD’s IFT Program is a collaboration with Mercy Regional Medical Center (MRMC) to safely transport patients to both local and long-distance destinations. Most of the long-distance patients are in need of in-patient mental health care in the Front Range due to the lack of available services in La Plata County.  We would like to thank the County Commissioners, as well as our partners at MRMC and Axis Health Systems for their continued dedication to serving La Plata County residents needing these vital services. The ambulance shown replaces one that has made over 650 long-range interfacility trips racking up over ¼ million miles since 2019.