The City of Durango’s and La Plata County’s adoption of the International Fire Code authorizes and requires the Fire Department to inspect all commercial properties subject to fire regulations. A fire prevention inspection program has been developed to meet this requirement.

Permits are required for open burns, fireworks displays, tents in some cases, and for blasting/explosives.


Construction Fire Inspections

Fire Inspectors understand that your time is just as valuable as theirs. We strive to accommodate all requested construction inspections but do ask for a minimum 48 hours of advance notice. Your inspector will have been assigned to the project at the time of review. Please check your plan review for this information.

Existing Building Inspections

Durango Fire Protection District performs fire code compliance inspections in our existing buildings and businesses on a routine, risk-based schedule. However, from time to time, business owners need us to complete an inspection outside of our normally scheduled timeframe for various reasons such as a requirement of another agency. To request an inspection, please complete the inspection request form and email it to

Adopted Fire Code

Jurisdiction Adopted Code Appendices Adopted Other Amendments
City of Durango 12 003 IFC B, C, E, F, and G 2015 IFC Durango Adoption
La Plata County 12 003 IFC B, C, E, F, and G 2003 IFC LPC Adoption

Common Violations by Occupancy

  • Assembly (restaurant, bars, churches, gymnasium, concert halls)·
  • Mercantile (retail stores)
  • Factory
  • Storage
  • Business
  • Residential R-1 (Hotel/Motels)
  • Residential R-2 (Apartments, Multi-family)
  • Institutional (jail, hospital, daycare)


A request for a modification or variance to an adopted fire code requirement requires the completion and submittal of an application. Please click here to access the application.

Tent Permit

Tents exceeding 1000 square feet are required to have an operational permit.  

Fireworks Display Permit

All fireworks displays shall be required to have an operational permit. 

Blasting/Explosives Permit

All blasting or use of explosives with the Durango Fire Protection District requires a local permit in addition to the state of Colorado Permit.