The Wildland Division of Durango Fire Protection District (DFPD) provides daily wildland fire protection across our district. All DFPD response personnel are trained and certified to or above [NS1] National Wildland Coordination Group (NWCG) requirements.

Our fire district has a significant amount of Wildland Urban Interface (WUI). Wildland Urban Interface is any area where structures and other human development meets or intermingles with wildland vegetative fuels.

To help address our WUI areas, DFPD staffs a seasonal wildland fire crew and a Wildland Fire Single Resource program. DFPD also partners with other local fire departments, state and federal agencies to train together and respond to wildland fires in the area. Local fire agencies have agreements to assist with wildland fire suppression within 1 mile of their respective boundaries. This collaboration provides our local communities a safe and effective wildland fire response.

Seasonal Wildland Crew

DFPD hosts a dedicated seasonal wildland crew from April through October. This crew is responsible for responding to and managing wildland fires that occur in our district. The wildland crew is configured into several teams, which allows DFPD to respond to local wildfires as well as out of area wildfires when requested. These out of area assignments provide our members additional training opportunities and do not incur any costs to DFPD nor compromise DFPD’s response for our community. This is a common practice across the Western US as it allows firefighting resources to be shared and respond where needed.  When not on fire assignments, the wildland crew assists with controlled burning, fuels removal, fire mitigation, and homeowner wildland fire site assessments

Wildland Single Resource program

DFPD employs several Wildland Single Resource Specialists. These personnel participate on local and national incident management teams (IMTs) assisting with operational planning, fire behavior analysis, logistical support, and other needs.   Locally, these personnel assist with wildland fire training and provide oversight and support for our fire and fuels mitigation programs.